Scroll down to open and print .pdf forms for AMHA-Oregon membership information and enrollment.

Invitation to Join AMHA-Oregon

Step One: Member-owner Application Form (fillable .pdf form), click open, save to your computer, complete and mail or FAX to submit.
You can open this version of the AMHA-Oregon member-owner application, complete it by filling in the required spaces.Then FAX or mail it to the administrative office.

Step Two: Click here to access the AMHA-Oregon enrollment page.



Phone 503-222-0332 or Contact:

Associate Member Application
Apply AMHA-OR Associate membership. For intern and resident mental health professionals working toward licenses in Oregon.

Affiliate Member Application
Application for Affiliate membership. Open to any human services professional who supports AMHA purposes.
Contribution annually. No marketing or voting participation.
Not for licensed mental health professionals who are in private practice.

AMHA-Oregon Guidelines and Protocols

Bylaws of AMHA-Oregon
Current By-laws of this organization, as adopted at the annual meeting of members August, 2013.