Groups Directory Contract
Sign this form once and keep your participation active by submitting ads and payment as new directories go to press each November and May.


Participation in AMHA-Oregon's Print Groups directory is open to all marketing members of AMHA-OR Metro, not just those who appear in the print Therapists Directory.

AMHA members may offer groups for $100 per listing – to cover costs of layout, printing and the administrative, advertising and postage costs of mailing and distribution.

The cost is low per ad considering the overall costs of creating and distributing and advertising this material in the ways planned.

AMHA-OR distributes the Groups directory - as pages inside the Therapists print directory and - as a document mailed to hundreds of therapists who are not members of AMHA, to physicians offices, to clinics, to hospital social workers, schools, treatment agencies, and will feature groups offerings on its You-Tube video channel.

The content of the Groups directory may be duplicated and expanded as much as you like on the pages of The Groups directory is also posted as a .pdf (printable) file at and cross linked at

Please call the AMHA office number 503-222-0332 or complete and mail the Groups contract linked at the top of this page to participate in the Groups directory. Deadlines for group directory advertising match the Therapists Directory deadlines in late April and late October each year.

AD for Groups & Speakers Directory Includes the name of your group, for whom the group is intended, your name and practice location a short bit of information about the group - a link to the listing of that group on the Groups page and your personal web address. (Approximately 12 -- ½ column lines of 10&11 pt type)

So … you want to offer group therapy and find it hard to get a group started?

It’s true, starting and maintaining groups is not simple, it requires knowing and acting on the 3 secrets of developing and maintaining psychotherapeutic or psychoeducational groups.

The 3 secrets to building strong groups in your clinical practice are:

1. appropriate training and experience -- you need to be clear and skilled about what you have to offer

2. focused group offerings – you need to present what you offer in a way that people readily understand

3. consistent and persistent marketing about your group or groups All marketing members of AMHA-OR are invited to participate in consistent and persistent marketing about the group or groups they offer.

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