The Suspended Breath: Four Exhalations to Peace of Mind and Body

Many of us struggle with unmanageable emotions that ruin our relationships and unbalance our lives. Perhaps you experience anxiety, insomnia, racing mind, insecurity, heartache, jealousy, impulsivity, irritation, outbursts of anger or uncontrollable rage, or cravings for substances and addictive behaviors? When emotions are very intense, the limbic system, the seat of emotional life, overrides the cerebral cortex, the thinking part of the brain: our emotions hijack our thoughts. There are times when this is entirely appropriate and useful. If you step into the crosswalk and see a car coming at you, your cerebral cortex needs to give precedence to your emotional system so you can leap out of the way. Even a moment of contemplation might cost you your life. But more often than not our painful emotions are ruining our lives, not saving them.  ...

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