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Why Family Therapy?

  Carol Rowden Kelly, Ph.D.

Parents typically refer their children for therapy when there seem to be problems that can't be solved without help.  Perhaps the child is having academic or behavioral problems that threaten to derail his education.  Or the teenager is showing signs of depression, such as temper outbursts or isolating.  Because these are actually problems for the whole family, it makes sense to look at the issues from the point of view of all family members.  Furthermore, each family member can contribute to become part of the solution, to create a harmonious environment for everybody. In short, the more cooperation the therapist has from all family members, the more quickly and effectively the root of the problem can be discovered and a solution reached.  It is never too early to intervene in a problem that may only persist and even get worse and more complicated as time passes.

In summary:

When one family member is having problems, it affects the entire family.

If all members of the family participate in finding a solution, everybody learns and benefits.

The family therapist is able to facilitate communication between family members and guide them to the solutions that best fit the family structure.

Closeness between family members is greatly enhanced, producing beneficial and lasting changes for years to come.

Family therapy gives you more “bang for your buck”!