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Who says there is no such thing as a free lunch!

All members of AMHA-OR are invited to take a non-member colleague to lunch, introduce them to AMHA-OR and all its benefits. (Helpful resources linked below) and submit your receipt (up to $25) to Elise Campbell

Invite a friend to AMHA-OR fall meeting from 9 am to 1 pm Friday September 21st at Lakewood Center, 368 S State St. Lake Oswego, and you both will get a free lunch. Reserve those lunches by calling: 503-222-0332.

The value of getting new members is especially poignant for IPA participants. In order to maintain and add to the number of contracts with insurance companies, we need to have increased membership in AMHA-OR. If you are a supervisor, let your supervisees know that they can join as associate members and begin to build a professional network.

You might not be able to serve on the board, you might not be able to serve on a committee, but helping to recruit a new member or two is a very valuable contribution that you can make to AMHA-OR and your own practice. 

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Provisional Membership Policy

Changes ahead!

Attend 9-21-2018 Fall Members’ meeting; Learn what's going to happen. Help make it happen. AMHA-Oregon’s fall meeting will be held from 9 am to 1 pm Friday September 21st at Lakewood Center, 368 S State St. Lake Oswego.  Members and their guests will enjoy a free lunch.  Reserve lunches by calling: 503-222-0332.

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September 7, First Friday: The Aging Brain - Memory and cognitive ability
Presentation by Dr. Char Glenn, Her Functional Medicine practice works with protocols developed by Dr. Dale Bredesen.
Book Review: The End of Alzheimer’s; The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline 

Dr. Dale Bredesen is a neuroscientist-neurologist who is extensively published as a researcher.  That research has led to a safe and effective approach to Alzheimer’s prevention and treatment.

The fear of cognitive decline and of Alzheimer’s Disease is unlike the fear of other disease processes.  Anyone who has known and loved someone whose mind faded and failed, or who has known those with the anxiety of hereditary risk can benefit from reading the protocols for prevention, assessment and treatment outlined in Dr. Bredesen’s excellent book.  Alzheimer’s is not one condition, as it is too often approached, but several.   This book deserves your attention, it offers hope and clear strategies.  

Dr. Mark Hyman Interviews Dr. Dale Bredesen on Cognitive Decline

 Dr. Steven Gundry interviews Dr. Dale Bredesen about The End of Alzheimber's

October 12 CE – Register Today

Moving Beyond Words: An Evidence Based Practice for Skillful Relationships

Katherine Calvert, LCSW is pleased to introduce the concepts and strategies of Radically Open-DBT, an evidence-based treatment focused on disorders of over-control developed by Thomas Lynch, Ph.D. RO-DBT is … supported by 20 years of clinical research. …

Calvert has adapted the concepts, strategies and materials of RO-DBT to teach a skills-based approach to couples struggling in relationship. The skills target relationship ruptures while they improve self-understanding, communication and interpersonal safety. Couples report less reactivity and deeper sense of connection. 

The Validity of the DSM: An overview

 In the Conclusion of his excellent article Dr. Terry Lynch asserts:

The experiences and behaviours diagnosed as various “mental disorders” are real and valid. The interpretation of these as primarily biological entities within the DSM framework is not valid … Rather than embrace the DSM, I encourage the counselling professions to press for trauma informed responses …

Click to read the full article, published in the Summer 2018 issue of The Irish Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

AMHA-OR Offers New visibility for pre-licensed clinicians

With a recent policy change, AMHA-Oregon now offers Associate Memberships including website visibility and other membership benefits to any pre-licensed Oregon mental health professional who has supervision arrangements in place.  If you are a supervisor of a clinician moving toward private practice, please direct your supervisee to the AMHA-Oregon Associate Membership application.  Which is found at the membership information page.