Provisional Membership Policy as .pdf

Provisional Membership Policy: 

On May 11, 2018 AMHA-Oregon established a Provisional Membership category for new members. Dues will be $200 for licensed mental health professionals.  Provisional Membership term is one year from the date of payment.   

Provisional Members will have the following benefits of membership:

  • Personal web page listing with multi-link, video and referral capability.
  • Participation in the AMHA-OR listserv.
  • Member cost for AMHA-OR Continuing Education events.
  • Inclusion in peer consultation groups (self-organized by members).
  • Inclusion in peer education toward (IPA) group contracting with third-party payers. Participation in contracts is a choice for all AMHA-OR members made on a per-contract basis.
  • Inclusion in a print directory at the same cost as all Owner-Members if a print directory is published during their Provisional Membership year.

 Provisional Members who choose to participate in AMHA-OR (IPA) Group Contracts during their first year of membership will pay the balance of the first year’s annual dues, $300, plus an IPA fee of $300 on the date they are qualified by a payer for their first contract. Thereafter the contracting member-owner will pay annual AMHA-OR dues (currently $500) plus an IPA fee (currently $300) each following year on the anniversary of their initial payment to continue member-owner and contracts participation. 

Provisional Members who choose not to participate in a (IPA) Group Contract during the 12 months following the date of their initial dues payment of $200 pay the Annual Dues (currently $500) on the anniversary of their initial payment to maintain owner-membership.